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15:00 - 20th April 2013, by Rob Burman

New Super Mario Bros.

From the moment you boot up New Super Mario Bros., it's clear Nintendo has gone back to Mario's roots and is letting him do what he does best. The story's the same (except this time it's Bowser Junior kidnapping the Princess), the levels are somewhat familiar, and the classic power-ups are all there. But instead of feeling like a tired retread of a classic game, NSMB somehow manages to be fresh, looks great and keeps you coming back time and time again.

The reason is quite simple really... Nintendo is one of the best creators of 2D platform games in the world, and this game is Nintendo back on classic form. Across 80 levels, your gaming skills will be pushed to breaking point, recalling those frustrating moments from the best of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. Plus, although the platforming may be in 2D, the graphics are snazzy 3D, which looks wonderful on DS. It gives Mario and the many enemies different moves and expressions, and allows both Mario and enemies to grow to super size.

The graphics may have benefited from Mario's trip into 3D, but that's not the only thing that's been improved. Mario's also brought some of his new signature moves with him. Just like Mario 64, players will now be able to butt stomp and wall jump their way to victory. Plus there are cool little additions, like the fireworks from the original, and enemies that change their movement depending upon the beat of the music. Talking of music - you can expect to hear remixed versions of all the classics.

We did struggle to find negatives in New Super Mario Bros. because the game seemed so great. Nintendo seems to have been very generous with the 1up mushrooms this time around and the mini-games from Super Mario 64 DS have been recycled - although now they've got single cart multi-play. However, they're minor points in a game that sees Mario returning to what he does best...

SCORE: 5/5
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