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15:00 - 21st April 2013, by Rob Burman

Prof. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain?

Is it a game or isn't it? That is the question. There are those that see it as WarioWare for University Challenge contestants, and there are others who just see it as glorified maths homework. Whatever you think, you can't deny Brain Training is a mysteriously addictive experience.
It's based on books by Ryuta Kawashima, a Japanese neurologist who wants to expand your mind with fiendish yet quick puzzles. The aim of Brain Training to is to play consistently over a series of days, weeks and even months to progressively get better at each of the tasks and eventually lower your "brain age". To be honest, anything that can teach us to do 7x8 in a split second is brilliant.

Yes, maths are part of the challenge, but there are also slightly more obscure exercises too, like reading out loud colours which are actually written on the screen in different coloured text. Other times you must write the answer on the touch screen - which seems to perform remarkably well under the rigours of recognising people's often scruffy (and hastily drawn) numbers.

Admittedly the range of tasks on offer is slightly limited, and as part of the Prof.'s desire to lower your brain age, you will have to play them over and over again on a daily basis to 'complete' the 'game'. Perhaps the mini-game with the biggest replayability factor is the sudoku puzzles. There are 100 in total and being able to scribble away at each one is a great way to suck up potentially boring train journeys. Of course, that's only if you like sudoku.

Actually that's the whole thing about Brain Training. It's only ever going to be fun if you enjoy logic puzzles, teasers and other brain workouts. If that sounds like your kind of thing then snap this up.

SCORE: 4/5
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