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17:01 - 4th June 2013, by Matt Kamen

Under Defeat HD

Rising Star Games continues its mission to bring Japan's shooters to the UK with this high-def remake of the cult classic Dreamcast game.

A vertically scrolling shooter, players pilot an experimental helicopter against waves of vaguely World War II-themed enemies. Unlike many of its peers, control demands more than just firing monotonously in one direction while dodging an endless hail of bullets - the copter's orientation can be controlled, allowing you to fire at diagonals. This simple change alters the dynamic, demanding more thought over how to navigate stages.

Unfortunately, while the game certainly looks sharp - at least in the New Order mode, which takes full advantage of the HD remastering, filling the entire screen real estate - it's all too brief. The Arcade mode, while faithful to the game's origins, doesn't look great on modern TVs, squeezed into a comparatively tiny central window where bullets and enemies are difficult to spot. In both modes, you'll occasionally encounter slow-down when there's a lot of action onscreen.

It's the bonus content that saves the day though, as Rising Star delivers another great collector's edition. A six-track CD soundtrack and 32-page digital artbook, plus all current DLC add a nice polish, elevating the package above mediocrity.

Hardcore shmup fans will enjoy what Under Defeat has to offer, and Rising Star's presentation is laudable, but is far surpassed by the publisher's recent efforts such as Akai Katana.
SCORE: 3/5
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