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09:00 - 22nd June 2013, by NEO Staff

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter is one of Japan's best kept secrets - a franchise that obsesses scores of gamers in its native land, but which barely makes a dent in the west. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate aims to change that with innovative use of the Wii U's GamePad and the 3DS's second screen, allowing gamers to customise their viewpoint to a certain extent, making for easier access to the various bits of information required to successfully navigate this gaming world.

The concept of Monster Hunter is simple - traverse the various environments, and, using one of 12 weapons, battle beautifully designed and artfully realised monsters. You then use their corpses (amongst other things) to craft items - delightful!

Ultimately, if you've played Monster Hunter Tri from 2010, you'll be familiar with this incarnation, as the general mechanics are based on the earlier game. Interestingly, Nintendo have allowed the game save files to be transferred between the two versions of the game, on Wii U and 3DS, meaning that you can take the console action on the go and lose little except the heightened graphics. The controls for on the go play are much improved from the PSP's version. Unfortunately, you can only play online via the Wii U version (local multiplayer is still an option for 3DS, however), although the main meat of the action is the single player story line, which sees you saving Moga Village - from monsters, of course!

Richly rewarding - this is a game that will suck away your spare time.
SCORE: 4/5
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