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12:38 - 3rd July 2013, by NEO Staff

Nintendogs + Cats

Along with Dr Kawashima's Brain Training, the original Nintendogs, released in 2005, was one of the games that catapulted the Nintendo DS into the public consciousness, so a new outing on the 3DS was inevitable. It's just a shame that, 3D effect aside, not much has changed since last time.

Nintendogs + Cats lets you buy, look after and train three adorable pets from a fairly wide selection of puppies and kittens. You can stroke them by rubbing the stylus on the bottom screen, and dogs can be taught a number of tricks by speaking into the microphone. Three competitions are open for your dog to participate in - disc catching, lure chasing, and obedience trial, with the latter cleverly using the system's AR technology to place your pup onto the table in front of you. You can also take your dogs on walks to discover presents and visit shops, the park and the gym (for competition training), and StreetPass integration allows you to exchange items and photos with other nearby 3DS users.

Unfortunately for cat fans (us included), kittens remain at home at all times, and are almost relegated to decoration. Surely a beauty contest wouldn't be too much to ask?

A solid pet sim for newcomers, but fans of the original will be left wanting more.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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