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14:10 - 3rd July 2013, by Michael Dodson

PilotWings Resort

One of the more pleasant 3DS launch title surprises for NEO was Pilotwings Resort, which lets you take to the skies in one of three vehicles - plane, rocket belt and glider.
You'll probably spend most of the game in Mission Mode, in which you're presented with a series of increasingly challenging tasks to complete, ranging from simply flying through a set of rings (not always easy, especially in the glider), through to the more creative putting out fires, and following a car whilst shooting balloons it releases.

Although you can breeze through most of the game's relatively small number of missions fairly quickly, each one feels slightly different, and completionists will want to come back again and again to get a three-star or even perfect rating, which certainly isn't easy.
Outside of the Mission Mode is Free Flight Mode, where you have two minutes (don't worry, this can be expanded) to roam the island, looking for information points, balloons or rings. Though fun, this mode suffers from being very similar to what you can do in Wii Sports Resort, and some gamers won't be too keen to explore Wuhu Island a second time round.

Though short on content and reusing familiar locales, Pilotwings Resort still entertains.
SCORE: 4/5
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