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15:00 - 6th October 2013, by Michael Dodson

Pikmin 3

In Pikmin 3, you play as miniature space heroes Alph, Brittany and Charlie, as they explore the verdant planet PNF-404. On their travels through its beautifully realised environments, you'll encounter and enslave the planet's colourful native plant-like creatures, the titular Pikmin. Your adorable army will trail behind you dutifully, ready to be thrown into attack when you run into the planet's less friendly inhabitants, and can also be used to break down barriers or carry the spoils of battle back to base.

Although Pikmin 3 doesn't stray too far from the formula set in previous titles, most of the new additions work very well. The two new Pikmin types, especially the fairy-like flying Pikmin, add new layers to the gameplay, whilst the ability to switch between three playable characters adds a welcome layer of puzzle solving and multitasking. Only the control options, of which there are many, really niggled us, as none seemed to give you completely satisfactory control of both the camera and onscreen cursor. Some players may also miss the randomised dungeons of Pikmin 2, which added greatly to the sense of scale and isolation. Minor quibbles aside, however, this charming title should certainly not be passed by if you own a Wii U.

A delightful and beautiful take on the RTS genre, Pikmin 3 is the most compelling reason to own a Wii U so far.
SCORE: 4.5/5
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