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16:00 - 29th December 2013, by Michael Dodson

Sonic Lost World

In Sonic Lost World, we rejoin the world's fastest hedgehog as he races across the mysterious Lost Hex in an attempt to save the world from the clutches of new villains the Deadly Six. Courses are clearly inspired by the Super Mario Galaxy school of level design, set across a series of floating cylindrical platforms based not just around the usual grass / desert / ice settings, but also around more abstract themes such as sweets, beehives and giant fruit.

Most of the game sees Sonic racing into the screen, with players able to control his speed by holding down a trigger and leaping over platforms using a set of parkour-style moves. In early levels this works relatively well, and our initial impressions of the game were positive; however, as we got further in, we found the controls less and less reliable for coping with the fast pace at which obstacles and enemies are thrown at you. Many of the 2D sections, conversely, we found slow and often unwieldy to navigate due to Sonic's imprecise jumping. The game's overlong levels and general stinginess with awarding much-needed extra lives also add to an experience that is ultimately more frustrating than satisfying. A shame, after it originally showed such promise.

An intriguing direction for Sonic, sadly let down by poor controls.
SCORE: 2.5/5
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