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16:07 - 6th February 2014, by Michael Dodson

Super Mario 3D World

Released in late 2011, Super Mario 3D Land shook up the formula for 3D Mario games by moving away from exploration and collection based gameplay, focusing instead on pure platforming. Its sequel on Wii U is more than just a rehash of this with prettier HD graphics; in fact, it's bursting at the seams with new ideas and gameplay elements.

Super Mario 3D World offers quite probably the largest array of powerups ever seen in a Mario game. Of the new ones, the well-publicised Cat Suit is probably our favourite. Granting the ability to scale vertical walls, it allows you to tackle levels in clever new ways, but never feels too overpowered. We also loved the inclusion of the Double Cherries, which spawn a clone of your character; a challenge to control, but worth it for the extra punch it packs!

Also debuting in SM3DW is a local multiplayer option for four players - a first for a 3D Mario title. We found playing with friends a real blast, though it is better if everyone is of a relatively equal skill level.

With a generous and varied amount of levels along with a decent difficulty curve, this is a game that deserves to stand alongside Mario's best.

Though not the revolution we might have liked, this is nevertheless a superb title that platforming fans will love.
SCORE: 4.5/5
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