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09:09 - 30th July 2014, by Michael Dodson

Mario Golf World Tour

Ten years since they last picked up a golf club, Mario and pals are hitting the links once more.

One downside of the series’ previous entries that World Tour fixes right away is the paltry number of novelty courses. With the mundane forest, seaside and mountain environments mostly relegated to the short, optional and quite frankly confusingly designed Castle Club career mode, the real stars of the game can be found in the six Mushroom Kingdom inspired courses, with more available through paid-for DLC.

The arcade-style controls are easy to pick up, and the various camera options mean you’ve always got a good idea where your ball’s going to go, even when putting.

In addition to the expected standard golf modes, World Tour also offers a large number of missions, from which you can unlock various hidden characters and costumes for your Mii by taking part in ring shot, coin collecting and against the clock challenges. Online play – a first for Mario Golf – is also solid, with a large number of official and user-created tournaments always available to join.

Mario Golf World Tour is one of the best Mario sports games we’ve played, and one that should keep you coming back for a long time to come.

An above par golfing game that perfectly captures the whimsy of the Mushroom Kingdom.
SCORE: 4/5
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