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12:00 - 26th August 2014, by Michael Dodson

Tomodachi Life

Ever dreamed of marrying a celebrity? Going head to head in a rap battle with one of your neighbours? Or how about writing your own rock song and performing it in front of a screaming crowd of friends? Well in Tomodachi Life, you can do all this and more... or rather, you can watch your Mii doing it.

The best way we can think of to describe Tomodachi Life is as a glorified virtual pet. After importing your Mii at the start of the game, assigning them a personality type and giving them a voice (characters speak using a pretty decent vocal synthesizer), your main task is simply to keep them happy. This can be done by feeding them, buying them new outfits, playing simple mini games, or fostering relationships with any other Miis you’ve chosen to bring into the game.

Although it’s relatively amusing at first seeing your best friend falling for Trevor McDonald or watching your dad singing opera in the bath, it doesn’t take long for things to start getting repetitive, and you start to yearn for greater control over your virtual self. Whilst Animal Crossing’s charm and scope kept us coming back for many months, Tomodachi Life lost our interest within a few weeks. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting premise, and we’d be interested to see where Nintendo takes the franchise in future.

As amusing as it is seeing your friends, family and favourite celebs intermingling, Tomodachi Life sadly turns stale far too quickly.
SCORE: 3/5
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