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09:43 - 16th June 2015, by NEO Staff

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

In 1992, Enix (pre-Square) had the daunting task of following up one of the finest JRPGs of its time; Dragon Quest IV. They did it by crafting an adventure so innovative, so game changing, that the genre’s never been the same since.

Dragon Quest V not only introduced a feature where the randomly encountered enemies could be recruited to your ranks – encouraging players to catch ‘em all long before Pikachu and chums made it cool – but it also introduced complex story telling, with an adventure that spanned three generations. It even allowed the player to choose from three wives, and raise their own mini-adventurer to continue the legacy, à la Harvest Moon and Fable II.

Today, these mechanics and the retro RPG gameplay still feel fresh and fun. That’s before we even mention the brilliant and charming visual style courtesy of Dragon Ball’s Akira Toriyama!

The controls have been updated for mobile gaming, utilising the touch screen. We put the game through its paces on the gargantuan iPhone 6 Plus, and found it comfortable and easy to navigate with a single thumb. However, the archaic menu system feels its age, and the inability to save in dungeons can be a pain while levelling up on the go.

Essential for JRPG enthusiasts everywhere, and a great starting point for those yet to dabble in this well loved franchise. Also, no pesky micropayments or extra costs – hoorah!
SCORE: 4.5/5
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