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11:17 - 24th July 2015, by Michael Dodson

Puzzles & Dragons Z

Fresh from taking the Japanese smartphone market by storm in 2012, Puzzles & Dragons has finally reached Nintendo’s handheld, in a double pack containing not only the original puzzler with added RPG extras, but also a reworked version set in the Mushroom Kingdom.
Despite having played more match-three puzzlers than we’d care to divulge, we were rather taken with P&D’s fresh take on the genre. What makes the context of the orb-shifting unique is that, as in a traditional RPG, you are tasked with building a team of Pokémon-style monsters with particular elemental strengths and skills. Matching up rows of three or more orbs lets them deal damage to the enemies you come across as you trawl through the game’s many dungeons. There’s an awful lots of strategy involved, and the generous number of levels included means that those who really get into it will be kept busy for tens of hours.

Our main criticism is that the gameplay just doesn’t evolve much as your quest continues – though it was fun to begin with (especially the Mario edition which isn’t slowed down by the unnecessary and time-consuming story of the original), it certainly got samey after a while. Fans of the genre should definitely check it out though – you won’t be disappointed.

A surprisingly deep, but also rather repetitive, puzzler with creative RPG elements.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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