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15:00 - 2nd August 2015, by Michael Dodson


Nintendo is well-known for favouring local experiences when it comes to multiplayer, but its latest release, Splatoon, is the most refreshing and original take we’ve seen on the online team-based shooter genre for quite some time.

Rather than spraying each other with bullets, the weapon of choice here is brightly coloured ink. Although it certainly helps to take down the enemy with a well aimed splat from your watergun-like weapon, the main aim of Turf Wars, the game’s principle online mode, is to control as much of the map as possible within three minutes. This is achieved by spraying the ground with the aforementioned ink, which also serves as a nifty means of transportation: at the touch of a button, your humanoid character will transform into a squid, which can glide at quite a lick across any land painted in its team’s colour, as well as being able to hide beneath it for stealth purposes. Despite the disappointingly small number of maps and modes (though more of both are promised as regular, free DLC updates), we had a real blast with Splatoon online – its unique gameplay truly has that ‘one more go’ factor.

Coupled with a short but sweet single player experience that’s based on some clever puzzle based obstacle courses, Splatoon is a release that’s well worth your time, and at a budget price, is pretty good value, too.

Even without its future expansions, there’s a lot to love about Splatoon. Dive on in – the ink is lovely!
SCORE: 4/5
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