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15:00 - 9th August 2015, by Tom Smith

Ys Chronicles 1

Ever wondered what would happen if the world of bumper cars and RPGs collided? 1987’s J-RPG Ys, and its plucky hero Adol, have the answer! The game’s hero awakes in a strange town and soon finds out (through the help of a fortune-teller) that he may be able to bring peace to the area… by bumping into its many monsters!

While every other title in the genre at the time opted for turn-based fisticuffs, or the mashing of the action button to wallop an opponent, Ys said “nope!” and introduced a method that involved using the D-pad to hurtle yourself towards enemies to cause damage. If you smash into them in the centre, your HP bar will take a battering, but if you can find a way to bash into them enough times at any other angle, they’ll eventually explode in a gooey mess of blood, gold and ever-so-sweet EXP.

This unusual battle mechanic has been revamped for touch screen, where it works surprisingly well. You can flick away with ease, without worrying about any clunky menu manipulation. It does take a bit of getting used to, though. We had some trouble with the first boss, trying desperately to avoid taking damage while also attempting to bump into the beast, but what’s gaming without a challenge? If it gets a bit too much, there are four difficulty settings available, and you can also choose between “Original Mode”, featuring the original music and classic character art, or “Chronicles Mode” with its modern BGM and cuter, more polished artwork.

Classic RPG fun gets brought up to date with revamped graphics, sound and touch-screen controls! Essential for genre enthusiasts.
SCORE: 4/5
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