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09:00 - 14th November 2015, by NEO Staff

Sword Art Online: Re: Hollow Fragment

Re: Hollow Fragment picks up an alternative storyline from Sword Art Online, and explores what would have happened if Kirito defeating Heathcliff on the 75th floor hadn’t freed all the players from their virtual prison. On top of the rest of the 100 floors, the game has a brand new original tale to play through, and even brings Leafa and Sinon into the world of Aincrad.

Originally released on Vita last year, the game received heavy criticism for its translation. Thankfully, this HD remaster rebuilt the translation from the ground up, and also features a major graphical overhaul. The quality of both of these elements is superb.

The game still suffers in some areas; the romance system is painful, and many of the side quests are the dull MMO-style fare of slaughtering a set number of creatures in a zone, or the insidiously boring grinds of helping NPC players level up by slowly following them around and killing mobs for them.

Even with these issues, the game is a joy for fans of the series. The combat is fast paced and fun, with a ton of weapons and skills for you to experiment with. The gigantic boss monsters incorporate MMO style mechanics, providing real challenges and keeping battles interesting. There’s plenty of fanservice of every kind, and, most importantly, the story is fantastic, giving each member of the cast some great moments to shine.

Though flawed, Re: Hollow Fragment is a must-buy for fans of SAO, especially with this low price tag.
SCORE: 3/5
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