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15:00 - 27th November 2015, by Tom Smith

Final Fantasy VII

1997’s game-changing RPG Final Fantasy VII has made its way to iPad and iPhone, bringing with it all the chaos and charm of the original. The game appears to be a port of the PC version, featuring slightly more polished graphics than the grainy PlayStation original, and features a few new bonus additions for its outing on mobile.

The first is the ability to turn off random encounters using a button that’s located on screen at all times. It’s a bit annoying at first, sitting there at the edge of the action, but at least it prevents the player from forgetting if battles are on or off. Another newly added item to the menu is the ability to be a big fat cheater and max out all characters. Great if you don’t have time to grind, a particular boss is proving difficult, or you just want to progress with the story as quickly as possible.

They’re thoughtful extras for the current generation of mobile gamers, but we can’t help but feel that Square Enix missed one obvious feature crucial to gaming-on-the-move; being able to save anywhere! You can only do it at sporadically placed points, or on the world map. If you leave the app (perhaps for a phone call, or to check Facebook), there’s a chance the game will crash when you re-enter, kicking you out and putting you back on the start screen with all the sweet EXP you had previously accumulated, gone!

Controls are in the form of a virtual pad placed onscreen, with no new schemes introduced to utilise touch screen. Expect to get muddled and infuriated while getting to grips with it, particularly during the motorbike chase.

A fantastic game that – for better or worse – remains almost identical to its original release. Nostalgia aplenty, but could do with some modern touches for mobile before we give it five stars.
SCORE: 4.5/5
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