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15:00 - 1st March 2016, by Michael Dodson

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.

When the world of the Paper Mario games is unleashed on the Mushroom Kingdom, everyone’s favourite plumbers must team up with Mario’s paper counterpart to defeat not one, but two versions of Bowser in the latest title in AlphaDream’s well-loved RPG series.

If you’ve played any of the four previous Mario & Luigi games, you’ll be right at home here, as the trio traverse the standard grass, desert and forest settings, defeating the usual array of enemies in turn-based battles. Alongside the traditional humour that always accompanies the series, the combat is a definite highlight, with flashy animations and timed attacks meaning you’re always kept on your toes. The addition of Paper Mario, who has the ability to make up to six copies of himself for increased damage, shakes things up a bit, although controlling three characters at once can get a little confusing in the heat of the battle.

Every so often, the usual exploration is broken up by missions that task you with hunting down and catching Paper Toads, plus there’s the addition of a new kind of battle, where you board massive papercraft models of the Mario Bros. in order to pummel giant enemies. Sadly, both of these sections feel like filler content, and we never really looked forward to encountering them.

As a standalone title, Paper Jam Bros. is still a fun, quirky RPG, and if you haven’t played a game in the series before we’d heartily recommend it. However, Mario & Luigi veterans will need to consider carefully if they’re ready for yet another time sink from AlphaDream that doesn’t do quite do enough to change up the usual formula.

An enjoyable RPG, but the addition of Paper Mario does little to hide the series’ rapidly fraying edges.
SCORE: 4/5
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