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15:39 - 15th August 2016, by NEO Staff

Brave Logic and Rinne Logic trial deck

Luck & Logic is the new card game from Bushiroad – based on the anime series that debuted in Japan earlier this year. Check out more info on the game at! (The Twitter and Facebook accounts can be found at @lucknlogic!)
The Luck & Logic franchise was created by Bushiroad along with Bandai Visual, Lantis, Yuhodo, Nitroplus and Doga Kobo, and the anime series was created by the latter anime studio, airing in Japan between 9 January to 26 March 2016. (Check out for more!)
The card game is played between two players who take turns to win by either destroying the opponent’s six gates, or if the opponent refreshes twice (by shuffling the drop zone back into the deck). Pre-constructed decks contain 60 cartds – 50 cards and 10 basic deck cards. You can purchase three types of trial decks: Brave Logic 01, RInne Logic 02, and Bullet Logic 03. Each deck has different characteristics, and contains cards exclusive to that deck. You’ll also get a quick manual, playmat and deck guide to help you get playing right away! There’s also a randomly inserted signed voice actress card in some decks! The art work and detailing is awesome on these cards, with some cool cyberpunk and fantasy touches.
Find out how to purchase by visiting
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Another great game from Bushiroad, promising hours of fun for two players to battle it out!
SCORE: 5/5
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