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11:21 - 13th March 2012, by Martin Mathers

Blades Of Time cuts up retail

It's not all about the big-name games, you know - sometimes, a game comes along that you've not seen before and catches you completely off-guard with something rather lovely. Take Konami's Blades Of Time, for instance; it's out now in the US and out on 16 March in the UK, but we've hardly seen anything on it until Konami delivered a new video of it to our door.

We've pasted the video below, so feel free to sit back and watch. Suffice to say, it's as Japanese as it gets (no word on whether the UK release keeps the Japanese voiceover, but we hope it does) and packed full of insane sword antics. Watching it, we get a distinct taste of God Of War mixed with the female hero goodness of Tomb Raider, all packed into a typically JRPG shell that feels a bit like Dynasty Warriors. And no, we're not complaining about that... in fact, we're actively encouraging it.

Granted, we know you might have bigger gaming fish to fry - did someone say Mass Effect 3? - but it's probably worth keeping an eye out for Blades Of Time too if you can. We know we will be.

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