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11:20 - 20th June 2012, by Martin Mathers

Okami HD coming to PS3

As disgusted as we are by the idea, there's a good chance you've never played Okami. Indeed, there's a good chance you've never even heard of it; despite receiving massive praise across the board from reviewers, the original PS2 game never sold very well and did even worse when it hit the Wii. Hell, the DS game - a sequel of sorts - never even made it onto the high street, so it's no wonder most people don't even know it exists.

Thankfully though, Capcom's now making up for its previous 'Hey, let's not market this game!' errors by bringing an enhanced (read: HD version) of the original Okami to the PlayStation 3's download store later this year. You can check out the announcement trailer for it below and see just how beautiful the game is; thanks to its use of the classical Japanese art style and

In case you don't know, Okami is an epic adventure game much like Nintendo's Zelda franchise that sees you, as the great goddess Amaterasu in wolf form, explore the land to stop the evil eight-headed dragon Orochi from covering the world in darkness. What makes it different to other adventure games, however, is that you can use the Celestial Brush to literally draw on the action and perform certain tasks: slicing through obstacles with a horizontal slash, drawing a lightning bolt to summon electricity from the skies and so on. That might not sound like much, but combine that with the amazing visuals and some great storytelling and you've got one of our favourite games ever. Yes, really!

Priced at just £15.99 when it arrives in the Autumn, it's safe to say we're already excited about playing through this one again. We just hope plenty of people who've never seen it before feel the same way...

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