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NEO Awards 2013: Anime

Late last year, we invited you - the NEO readers - to vote on your favourite titles from 2013 for our NEO Awards, sponsored by Japan Journeys. Here are the results!

The winner of Best Anime in 2013 was Code Geass (Kaze, Manga Entertainment). Last year, our prize for the Best Anime went to Blue Exorcist, but this year, the NEO readers chose to bestow their praise upon a slightly older title which has enjoyed a renaissance in the UK: Code Geass! The show, which follows Prince Lelouch and his fight against the Holy Britannian Empire, was created by Sunrise with original character designs by CLAMP. With that pedigree, no wonder the show is still riding high after its Japanese debut back in 2007!

"On behalf of Kaze, I'd like to thank everyone who voted for Code Geass as their favourite anime release of 2013. We've been blown away by the amazing response from the fans to the season one re-release on DVD and Blu-ray, and the brand new second season. The sales have been great too. It's wonderful to be part of such a successful new series launch in the UK." Jerome Mazandarani, Manga Entertainment

"Thank you very much for this award, Code Geass is certainly one of the best original TV series produced in Japan of the last decade and after all these years, the quality of the Sunrise animation and the amazing story are still very impressive. We are delighted this year's DVD and Blu-ray release has brought in a whole new generation of fans to this amazing series." Sylvie Brevignon, Kaze / VIZ Media Europe

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