19:00 - 15th March 2014, by NEO Staff

NEO Awards 2013: Best Musical Act

Late last year, we invited you - the NEO readers - to vote on your favourite titles from 2013 for our NEO Awards, sponsored by Japan Journeys. Here are the results!

The winner of Best Musical Act in 2013 was the GazettE. For the second year in a row, the Gazette have blown their musical competition out of the water to become the runaway winner of the Best Musical Act. With 45% of the total vote, and beating their nearest rival several times over, it's clear that NEO readers know how to rock out - and hard.

"Wow! Two years in a row! I'm thrilled that the readers of NEO have such an excellent taste in music! I've been working so hard with the band since they signed with JPU Records, so it feels great that that hard work is appreciated by you lot! Did you know that their newest album BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY entered the iTunes UK metal chart at number three? That's the highest any Japanese band has got, and I'm sure it's all thanks to you. We've got some great stuff lined up for 2014 with the GazettE, as well as the rest of bands on the JPU rooster - so make sure you follow us online." Tom Smith, JPU Records

"Thank you so much. We traveled across the world in 2013, and could actually feel that there are a lot of fans awaiting us out there. It's a shame that we had been in UK just once and couldn't include there as one of the stops in the previous tour, though, we hope we can "rock" with you next time we go there."
the GazettE

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