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With their well-crafted pop tunes and fun dance routines, technopop trio Perfume, consisting of A-chan, Kashiyuka and Nocchi, have become one of the most successful all-female J-pop acts in recent years. With the long-awaited World Tour 3rd, which reached UK shores on 12 November, the girls are looking to expand on their international popularity!

Game (2008)
Released on iTunes worldwide, Game (the group’s second album) debuted at number one, and went double platinum. The album was written and produced by Yasutaka Nakata, who has been working with the pop princesses since 2003, and provided the breakthrough the group had been waiting for since forming in 2000. With its pulsating digital techno beats and electro synth sounds polished off with sweet-sounding vocals, it’s the perfect introduction to the music of Perfume for anyone new to their sound.

Love the World (2008)
The trio scored their first Orion chart topper with this charming ‘80s-esque number, with sales reaching over 140,000. The track also appears on the compilation album of the same name available as a CD and CD+DVD, and includes the music video choreographed by their long-term choreographer Mikiko Mizuno. The simple dance routine was put together so fans could learn the steps easily and dance in sync with their idols.

Spending All My Time (2012)
This catchy dance track was the group’s first and to date only English-language single release. Although the song is simplistic and the lyrics somewhat repetitive, it’s a step in the right direction to try and appeal to a wider English-speaking audience, and is just one of the ways in which the band’s management is trying to make it easier for international territories to market them. But as A-chan rightfully once said, “Language is irrelevant. Cool music is cool wherever you are.”

LEVEL 3 (2013)
Arguably the trio’s most rounded and sophisticated sounding album so far, LEVEL 3 reached number one in the Japanese album charts, and was their first record released under the label Universal Music Japan, which they signed with after leaving Tokuma Shoten. Compared to Game, the hard-hitting technopop beat has been toned down, giving it a much more gentle-sounding vibe. The track listing consists of four single releases including Spring of Life and Spending All My Time, as well as the fantastic 1mm released digitally as a promotional single – a strong contender for being the best track on the album.

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