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Cosplay Spotlight: Charlotteluna and Emzone

In NEO 99, we featured an image from an amazing Spice and Wolf cosplay shoot, featuring Charlotteluna as Holo. We thought we'd interview Charlotte, and the photographer, Emzone (whose work you can see at http://, to find out how they crafted such amazing imagery!

NEO: Why did you decide to cosplay as Holo?
Charlotte: She's one of my favourite anime girls, I've loved her from her novels!

NEO: How easy was it to source/create your costume?
Charlotte: It was made in literally a day and a half, as I wasn't even aware I was going to the con till two days beforehand! Luckily, I had some stretch sand-coloured jersey and quickly made a simple dress, then spent all night and the other half of the day painting on the design to look more rustic. All in all, it was very easy.

NEO: The use of props here is amazing - what made you decide to give them such pride of place in the photo shoot?
Emzone: Charlotte came prepared with a basket of apples and a mead cup of wheat stems which were all relevant to her character. I wanted to use the apples especially as they contrasted against the browns of her costume and allowed us to experiment posing wise. The props added a greater depth to each shot and were fun to rearrange and position =]

NEO: How easy was it to come up with different poses for this shoot?
Charlotte: All of the poses were easy as it was all natural looking poses, Emi had directed it all.
Emzone: I personally was not all that familiar with her character, so I had to rely on Charlotte's knowledge when deciding on poses - but due to the large amount of props and interesting backdrop it honestly wasn't all that difficult. We started off with some basic routine poses and then moved onto some more interesting and unique angles such as the ones of her on the floor.

NEO: How much experience do you have at cosplaying?
Charlotte: I've been cosplaying for five and a half years or so, but I've put more work into hand making my costumes in the last two and a half years.

NEO: How much experience do you have with photography?
Emzone: I originally studied photography for two years at college, I started cosplaying myself around this time and applied my photography alongside it as a hobby - I've been in the cosplay scene for around four years now and alternate between the two during events.

NEO: What's your favourite cosplay photo shoot to date?
Charlotte: This Holo shoot!
Emzone: My favourite shoot was a private one in my home town. I shot two of my friends as Aerith and Tifa - we spent the whole day finding interesting locations and exploring the town in a way I've never done so before. We also had a lot of fun in general as is the way with the majority of cosplay shoots I've done =]

NEO: What appeals to you most about cosplay / cosplay photography?
Charlotte: I love cosplay because it is a challenging creative outlet, on top of that you get to not be you for a day, I really enjoy meeting people and learning from creating a costume.
Emzone: Cosplay photography is really interesting to me - as a cosplayer myself I understand the need for good photos - if you've spent time making a costume you naturally want the best photos you can get to showcase it. In a photographers point of view it's something unique and fun to dabble in. There are so many unique costumes and angles that can be attempted - and there is always a large fanbase following to guarantee your image will be appreciated by someone.

NEO: Tell us more about your photography website!
Emzone: My personal website is still in the works so for now I've been using my Flickr account 'Emzone' and my deviantart account [http://] to showcase my work.

NEO: Do you have any funny stories about this cosplay shoot or any other you took part it?
Charlotte: The mat we were shooting on was very painful and awkward and left prints all over my legs. A few untimely blinking shots gave hilarious results.
Emzone: I dropped an apple on Charlottes face. There are derp photos - there are always derp photos - gravity always wins.

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