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Era: Silence Pocket Book from Shades of Vengeance

For centuries, young warriors of the three Clans – Iron Wolf, Gold Salamander and Cobalt Eel – have been going to the Oracle during Proving Season in order to prove their worth.

Those chosen by the priestesses are sent to the Isle of Silence, where they must earn their True Names by solving Challenges that push them to their limits.

In this strange astral plane, only their skill, wits and physical prowess stand between them and certain failure, as they are robbed of the ability to speak…

Era: Silence is Shades of Vengeance's first High Fantasy roleplaying game. It brings with it 26 different Abilities (some magical and some not), one linked to each letter - never has it been more true to say that words have power!

The main game is made up of a sequence of challenges, each of which is a sandbox containing a specific situation...

The aim is to complete sufficient challenges to allow the party to earn their True Names. Once this is achieved, they will be able to return to their lives as warriors of their clan.

Of course, the characters have to complete these challenges as a team and, on the Isle of Silence, it is not possible to speak aloud: all verbal sounds are magically suppressed.

Characters for Era: Silence can be created in as little as 3 minutes (and if you don't believe me, check out the video below!) and play can immediately begin. The Rulebook has been written in such a way that it supports gameplay to a high degree, giving information about each challenge to the GM, as well as a piece to read as the characters enter each challenge, describing what they see.

While games to earn your name can be completed in as little as 2 to 4 hours, Era: Silence is open-ended.

It provides the potential to run High Fantasy campaigns with players retaining the same kind of control over their destiny that they experience in any other tabletop RPG... after all, there's not just an entire Astral Plane, but a whole world to explore!

While at the London MCM Comic Con, we will have hundreds of prizes to choose from for everyone who takes out a subscription to NEO. We will have the pocket book edition of Era: Silence rule book as a prize on the stand.

For more information about Shades of Vengeance and to view more of their RPG games, head over to

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