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GeGeGe no Kitaro Original Animation Cel from Cel-Ga

GeGeGe no Kitaro is an old Japanese Anime Series and Manga written by Shigeru Mizuki. The Anime television series started around 1968. The story revolves around the world of ‘Yokai’ a word that comes from Japanese Mythology and folklore, the world of Yokai consists of supernatural, spirits, demons and monsters.

Gegege no Kitaro features the main character Kitaro who is half Yokai and half human, Kitaro wants to help the yokai’s and Humans live in harmony and does his best to protect the humans from violent Yokai’s. Although it being a Horror Anime Series and meant to be ‘scary’ Gegege no Kitaro Anime series is aimed at children, making the Yokai to be not that all scary and appearing to be more entertaining, funny and comedic as children learn about the different yokai folklore and overcome any fears of what the typical ghost or monster Is.

The first original GeGeGe no Kitaro Manga made by Shigeru Mizuki however was very different to the Anime Series, as the original story was more terrifying and morbid. Shigeru Mizuki was born in 1924, had excellent drawing skills as a child that he was mentioned in his local newspapers in the town of Sakaiminato. As an adult during World War II Mizuki had lost his left arm and later after the war became a cartoonist and learnt how to draw very well with his right hand as he was left handed before. As a child he was always interested in Yokai and ghost stories, the horrors and trauma he faced from World War II combined with his childhood interest came about the creation for GeGeGe no Kitaro. Shigeru’s works are loved by Japan’s Citizens and his work of Gegege no Kitaro is well known by fans of the horror genre internationally.

This image is an Original Anime Cel from Gegege no Kitaro. It is one of the Animation sequences that was used in production and features the main character ‘Kitaro’ (Middle) and side characters ‘Nezumi Otoko’ and ‘Ittan Momen’.
Majority of old hand-drawn Anime Cels were thrown out after production, making Anime Cels now more rare and special to have and attain. For more Anime Cels, check out

The price for this Anime Cel is £70, however, we will have one of these fantastic pieces on the NEO stand as one of our prizes in the large giveaway at London MCM Comic Con!

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