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Thom the Elephant from Animazombs

The "Animazombs" is a character brand created by Ashley Yeates which brings to life a collectible range of charismatic zombie animals along with their creator, a wacky Professor and his Grandchildren.

The Animazombs are a horde of misunderstood, clumsy, zombie animals created by the eccentric Professor Unbound in his efforts to preserve all life on Earth. By gathering every species on the planet and re-animating them in a half-zombie state they gain near immortality but with enough of their DNA retained for the species to be brought back should they ever become extinct. No animals are harmed in the process and the creations aren't quite perfect, but they're very special in their own way.

The Animazombs World is based around the secretive Unbound Laboratories built by the Professor himself in a hidden location where he keeps his pets, but it appears an evil presence with 'pets' of their own have found the secret lab and want to take the reanimation technology for themselves.

Since a massive explosion at the lab scatters parts of his machines around the entire World, Professor Unbound enlists the help of his Grandchildren and permitted the use of some of his Animazombs to not only help collect up parts of the lab equipment to help rebuild, but also to continue the collection of new Animazombs for his work, but with strange events occurring more frequently, it appears things won't be as simple as first imagined...

You can purchase the brilliant Animazombs' characters as an awesome plush here

We will have Thom the Elephant available on the NEO stand as part of our large prize giveaway!

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