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NEO Awards 2016 Best Anime Movie Your Name (Anime Limited)

Since Hayao Miyazaki’s “retirement”, anime fans have been scrambling to name a successor – an auteur who can claim the crown of Japan’s top anime director, a figurehead who can lead the industry into the same international success that the genre enjoyed thanks to Spirited Away’s win at the 2003 Oscars. While Makoto Shinkai still has a lot to prove, the recent success of his latest movie, Your Name, is a step in the right direction (and the director himself has called such comparisons an “overestimation”).

Shinkai’s rise to fame has been slow and steady since his debut with She and Her Cat and Voices of a Distant Star. His work is characterised by themes of separation, loss, communication and love, and Your Name builds on these with a body swap story concerning a male and a female teenager who find themselves visitors in each other’s lives.

“2016 was a very important year for anime films when it came to watching films on the big screen,” said Andrew Partridge, president of Anime Limited, “and us being able to bring the new film by Makoto Shinkai, Your Name. to cinemas nationwide is something we are incredibly proud of and the level of passion towards the film from anime fans has really made it the top original anime movie in UK box office history! The devotion of the fans wanting to catch the film on the big screen coupled with how much they have enjoyed it has been a wonderful experience for all our team, and the fact that the NEO readers have voted it as their favourite anime film is the icing on the cake!

“We want thank everyone who voted for Tokyo Ghoul √A and Your Name in their respective categories. We at Anime Limited pride ourselves on being able to bring the best titles we possibly can to the United Kingdom and believe me when I say we’ve lots of stuff planned for 2017 you’ll want to keep your eyes open for! Be it our Blu-ray and DVD releases or catching films on the big screen, there’s lots for you to be excited about!”

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