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Canime prize for the NEO/ Geeky Monkey stand at London MCM Comic Con

We have teamed up with Canime to offer this brilliant Cowboy Bebop inspired canvas as part of our stand giveaway at the London MCM Comic Con!

Behold, the magnificence of this artwork. A Giclee Canvas of the Highest Quality. Finish in the likeness of Matte. Stretched by their very own hands so tight, it would dwarf the sound of Durins drums! Should you choose to use it as such. We present this to you now, at the turn of the tide, ready to be hung on your great walls……
In other words…..Its a VERY High quality Matte finish Giclee Canvas, hand made, tightly stretched, ready to hang.

Measurements are Length by Height by Depth
32inch x 14inch x 18mm

About Canime
"We started a small family business focused on designing and printing logos and photo canvases. One day a friend of ours saw a canvas that we had made of Ichigo’s final Getsuga Tenshou (we are massive Anime fans!!!) and offered to buy it. A few days later we received a request from another friend for a canvas of Full Metal Alchemist… she was not disappointed!In 2011 we set up our first Exhibition stand at the MCM Comic Con Expo in London and the response was overwhelming! Thus Canime, a small business was born and now available to all UK Otakus!! YATTA!!! ^_^bAnd in the words of Vash the Stampede… “LOVE and PEACE…LOVE and PEACE”!!"

If you are unable to attend the Comic Con but would still like to purchase the canvas, then head over to the website here -

You can still purchase tickets to the event here - but hurry as Weekend tickets are 99% sold out!

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