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Cel-Ga prize for the NEO/ Geeky Monkey stand at London MCM Comic Con

We have teamed up with Cel-Ga to offer this brilliant Naruto concept sketch for our stand giveaway at the London MCM Comic Con!

Naruto has become an undeniable international hit ever since its manga release in 1997, and is still running through it’s follow-up series Boruto. This ninja epic centres on the titular character, an orphan with the spirit of the monstrous nine tailed fox sealed inside him since birth, causing him to be feared and alienated up by those around him through to his early adolescence. Despite this, Naruto dreams of become the next Hokage, the leader of the Village Hidden in the Leaves and the most powerful ninja, the one way to guarantee that he will gain the respect of his fellow villagers.

As the production of Naruto began after the use of digital animation, there are no original cel-ga, painted celluloid sheets used in the anime production of Naruto. The few that are in circulation were produced as merchandise and collectables for fans and were not used in the original production of the anime. However, this initial concept sketch was used in the development of the series, completed by hand before being scanned on to a computer and edited digitally.

Born in 1974, Masashi Kishimoto showed from an early age that he would become a manga artist himself. He has declared inspiration from greats such as Akira Torayama, and has famously stated that it was through seeing a poster of Akira that he began to look into illustration more seriously. In Naruto, Kishimoto playfully depicts a world that defies any real allocation of time period, combining both elements of Japanese folklore and modern familiarities which readers can instantly connect with.

The majority of old hand-drawn Anime Cels were thrown out after production, making Anime Cels now more rare and special to have and attain. For more Anime Cels, check out

While at the event, you could choose this brilliant Naruto sketch (worth £40) as your freebie with a subscription to either NEO or Geeky Monkey. Find us at stand 3434!

You can still purchase priority day tickets to the event here -

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