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Cel-Ga prize for the NEO/ Geeky Monkey stand at London MCM Comic Con

We have another fantastic prize from Cel-ga! This One Piece anime booklet will be on the NEO/ Geeky Monkey stand at London MCM Comic Con as part of our large giveaway!

One Piece is one of the longest running series in the history of anime, spanning a mammoth 863 chapters and with over 350 million copies sold world wide. The story follows a band of pirates in search for the legendary treasure known as One Piece. The series protagonist is Monkey D. Luffy, who through eating what is known as a Devil Fruit, has his body transmuted into rubber-like consistency. His future crew too, are all an eclectic mix of characters and have obviously found their way into the hearts of its many fans who have grown up with with the series in the passing decade.

In Japan, along with the film release, booklets are sold at the cinema in order to satisfy die-hard fans craving for extra content such as voice actor and director interviews, character profiles, and added original artwork. The picture above is of the official Japanese film booklet from Toei Animation's feature One Piece: The Cursed Holy Sword.

Much like his contemporary Masashi Kishimoto, Eiichiro Oda notes Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series as one of his biggest influences, and most definitely succeeds him in line as a blockbuster shonen manga artist. Oda clearly had an affinity for pirates, depicting them in one-shot story Romance Dawn, preparing the way for One Piece. Although already a prolific artists, there is still much more to be expected from Oda’s works.

Anime film booklets are only made available at the Japanese film screenings. For more anime booklets, check out

While at the event, you could choose this brilliant One Piece anime booklet (worth £20) as your freebie with a subscription to either NEO or Geeky Monkey. Find us at stand 3434!

You can still purchase priority day tickets to the event here -

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