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J-Con Returns In September

J-Con returns to Derby next month, bringing two days of Japanese-themed fun to the Riverside Conference Center at the Pride Park Retail Center on the outskirts of Derby City Centre on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 September.

J-Con mixes traditional Japanese convention events (Cosplay, Masquerades, Quiz and Music) with cult-hobby activities (L.A.R.P, B.J.D, Lolita Fashion, Trading Cards, Video Gaming).

J-Con is renowned for innovation, creating new and unusual competitions as well as top secret events that are only revealed on the day. Here are some of the special features, events and guests already confirmed for this year's event:

Fast Track:
The Fast Track goody bags mean 150 lucky people get free gifts, vouchers, Pocky and the chance to win an official Portal 1:1 Replica Gun (only 1 of 5000 produced).

Dance, Dance, Revolution will be coming to J-Con. Contestants can dance-off against each other all the way through the day

Secret Event:
It's a secret, so it could be anything, but J-Con has revealed that the winner gets a fantastic custom Godzilla trophy

Battle Royale:
J-Con's patented Battle Royale card game involves up to 500 players

Live Music:
Two live performers in the shape of Cajun-Rock band Area 11 and Anime Princess, Zonic as well as a J-Rock DJ mean the Friday night will be a party to remember

8 guests in one day. Musicians Hibiki Ichikawa & Alika Mochida, Anime business 'AnimePang', Voice Actor MasakoX, Podcasters 'Death by Podcast', Artist Sonia Leong, Anime Author Helen McCarthy and Cosplay Expert Tab Kimpton

Panels & Workshops:
There will be several J-Culture panels this year, including Kimono Dressing, Japanese Snacks, Hair Ornaments, Learn Japanese and a tourists guide to Japan

J-Con has arguably the largest Lolita attendance of any convention. This year we have laid on a great Lolita Tea Party, being attended by followers from as far as Hawaii and including notorious Lolita like Venus Angelic.

Video Gaming:
Gaming fans can get back in time with the N64 gaming competition involving all your favourite classics. The finals will be hosted on the 16 foot projector screen

Trading Cards:
J-Con will be hosting Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments as well as giving a demo of the latest card game to come from Japan, Cardfight!! Vanguard.

For more info and tickets visit

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