21:18 - 9th March 2013, by David West

Lee Hi Releases Debut Album First Love In Two Parts

After teasing fans last week, Lee Hi has released the first full video and information for her upcoming debut album.

The first video is It's Over, which you can see below, and the song leapt straight to the top of the Korean charts scoring an 'All-Kill' clean sweep.

The album, called First Love is going to be split over two releases, which seems to be all the rage in Kpop at the moment.

Here's the track listing for Part One:
1. Turn It Up
2. Special (feat. Jennie Kim)
3. It's Over
4. One-Sided Love
5. Dream

The EP is available now on iTunes.

Part Two is due out on 21 March 2013 and will feature the following songs:
6. Rose
7. Stupid
8. Because
9. I'm Weird
10. 1,2,3,4

Rose will be the lead single from Part Two.

YG Entertainment, Lee Hi's management, is so happy with the progress of her career that they have announced their plan to move her into her own apartment.

This is a big deal in Kpop, where the vast majority of the artists, particularly those in girl and boy groups, live in dormitories owned by their management.

Since Lee Hi is only 16, her mother will be moving in with her.

In other news, PSY has chosen to unveil his follow up to Gangnam Style at a concert in Seoul on 13 April 2013. No word yet on a title.

Girls Generation are in the studio working on a new album with two American producers, Sean Garrett and Ricky Luna.

Garrett has worked with the Pussycat Dolls, Destiny's Child, Beyonce and many other chart topping artists in the US, while Luna has worked with LMFAO and was music producer on the soundtrack for Step Up Revolution.

No word yet on whether this means the album will be the Girls' first full length English language release.

Happy Kpop Saturday!

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