12:18 - 16th March 2013, by David West

Girl's Day Are Full Of Expectation

Welcome to another installment of Kpop Saturday.

Girl's Day are a four-piece group that started life in 2010. In their relatively short career the line-up has been shuffled about and originally there were five members, but the roster has currently settled down to Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri.

They have just released their first full-length album, Expectation. Here's the track listing:

1. Girl's Day World (Intro)
2. Expectation
3. I Don't Mind
4. Easy Go
5. Don't Trust Her
6. White Day
7. Oh, Great!
8. Twinkle Twinkle
9. Hug Me Once
10. Oh! My God!
11. Don't Forget Me
12. Don't Let Your Eyes Wander (Remix Club Version)
13. Expectation (Instrumental)
14. White Day (Instrumental)

White Day takes it's title from the Korean holiday of the same name that takes place on 14 March every year, one month after Valentine's Day.

In Korea and Japan, on Valentine's Day the custom is for girls to give chocolates to the boys they like. One month later, on White Day, the boys return the favour and give the girls gifts of chocolates or sweets.

Wow, Kpop Saturday is now officially educational and entertaining. It's edutational.

Don't Forget Me was released as a single in October 2012 and you can check out the video for the track here.

Expectation is available on iTunes and in physical form too.

You can see more of Girl's Day on their official website and check out the video for Expectation below.

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