11:06 - 25th August 2012, by David West

PSY's Gangnam Style Passes 55 Million Hits!

The received wisdom in the music press was that if any K-pop artist or group would crack the West, it would be one of the idol acts, like Girls Generation, 2NE1 or The Wonder Girls.

They're young, photogenic and press-friendly.

Then along comes PSY with his irreverent song Gangnam Style and he goes viral.

The rapper is the opposite of what you expect from K-pop. He is 34-years-old, writes his own songs and choreographs his own dance routines.

The song lyrics make fun of people from the Gangnam area of Seoul, where style is everything.

So far the track has been viewed more than 55 million times on Youtube and it is well on its way to passing the 56 million mark.

If the girl in the subway scene and subsequent dance routine looks familiar, that's because she is Hyuna from 4Minute.

The song is now so popular that PSY has recorded a new version with Hyuna singing the lead vocals, complete with it's own video. The Hyuna version has already been viewed more than 16 million times on Youtube.

Gangnam Style is taken from PSY's album PSY 6, his sixth album and first release in two years. It is currently top of the iTunes Music Video Chart and top of Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100.

Nelly Furtado recently performed a segment from the song and the dance routine at a concert in Manila which you can see a fancam of here.

Even CNN has run a story on the star and his breakout success.

PSY's album is available on iTunes and you can keep up with his further adventures on his Official Facebook, Twitter, and website.

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