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Neo issue 162 - Print Edition

Street date: 13th Apr 2017
Price UK: £5.00
Price EURO: £6.75
Price ROW: £8.25
Keep it in the family with Naruto's new generation of action - it's time to meet Boruto! We chart the extension of the Naruto franchise with this latest addition, and celebrate everything that makes the show so great!

We also give our opinion on Ghost in the Shell - find out the NEO verdict on this controversial remake of one of the hottest anime properties ever. As well as that, check out our interview with director Michael Dudok de Wit about his collaboration with Studio Ghibli on The Red Turtle.

Our flipper feature celebrates Persona 5, taking a look at the latest instalment to the hugely sprawling franchise to uncover what makes this the most exciting addition to the series to date!

We also have info on the new season of Attack on Titan, plus new streaming titles ACCA: 13-Terroritory Inspection Dept and The Dragon Dentist. Also, expert opinion from Jonathan Clements on Carnage of Adultery, the manga collection for the curtain twitchers of Japan.

Get your latest dose of Japanese fashion with Laura Watton and Leeann Hamilton, who explain Boystyle for the NEO style conscious. Plus, learn how to go bold with your artwork with Ruth Keattch's manga tutorial. All that, plus our usual news, reviews, previews, cosplay and more!
Issue 162, on sale now!

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